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R.A.C. Investigations has the experience and the skills investigators need and the perseverance every client wants in a detective agency. I hired a R.A.C. Investigations from Texas for a complex issue I had in Massachusetts, and they kept me updated with multiple phone calls and emails each week. The investigator was very professional, friendly, and helpful recommending ways to achieve my objective. I was very please with his services and found his final report of high quality. I have worked with many investigators while practicing law for 20 years and Robert’s agency is one of the best.
Attorney Texas

I was referred to R.A.C. Investigations and they were very responsive. They quickly got valuable information and kept in great communication throughout the investigation process.
Corporate Attorney Springfield, Massachusetts

I contacted R.A.C. Investigations on a real estate matter. They were very fast determined a course of action and uncovered valuable information. With that information I was able to develop a legal strategy that eventually had a very favorable outcome for me. Thank You!
Property Owner Western Massachusetts

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